Dunedin Astronomical Society

The Dunedin Astronomical Society is open to anyone with an interest in astronomy. We hold regular meetings with a main meeting on the first Tuesday of each month (except January). The Beverly-Begg Observatory is open to the public from 7pm on Sunday nights from the end of daylight savings in April, until the beginning of daylight savings in September. Although the observatory is open regardless of weather, we can only view astronomical objects when the sky is reasonably clear! However, at any time, you may contact us to organise a private viewing.

We host group nights for schools, clubs or anyone else who would like a private session at the observatory. See our Public Outreach page for details. Along with this, we try to host a weekly astronomy group for school students during term time.

We run an Astronomy 101 course which includes content on visual observing, using a telescope, general astronomy, and astrophotography. Check out our gallery to see some photos our members have taken.

The society owns and operates a variety of telescopes, mounts and other equipment, some of which is available for lending to members. We use a Dark Sky site near Middlemarch which has a small farm cottage with accommodation for around 10 people.

The Dunedin Astronomical Society is affiliated with the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand and with the Otago Institute. DAS also has an agreement of understanding with the Otago Museum to share resources relating to Astronomy.